PT. Beton Indotama Surya

Vision & Mission


To secure the position as “Indonesia’s most trusted partner in construction” and to successfully expand operation to other regions in Indonesia.


In achieving the future we envisioned, there are four fundamental missions:

Our Business

We want to increase the efficiency of our existing operations. We seek to expand our operations by penetrating into rapidly growing markets and capturing new lucrative opportunities.

Our Partners

We want to be a stable partner for our suppliers and foster a harmonious and supportive relationship. We want to bring our suppliers to move forward with us as we develop.

Our Customers

We are committed to provide our customers with reliable service and consistent quality. We build trust and accountability so our customers have full confidence in choosing us for their next project.

Our people

• We support and protect our people to build their confidence and aspirations in BIS, because we believe that these factors motivate our people to put their best effort.

• We reward those who actively exercise our mission and contribute to our organizational and business development.

• We build a safe working environment to prevent injury. The health, safety, and wellbeing of our people are our utmost concerns.

Community and Environment

We minimize the social and environmental impacts of our activities and ensure that our activities do not violate the rights of those who may be affected. We minimize wastes and energy consumption, and use only environmentally friendly materials.

Ready MixConcrete

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Cement TreatedBase

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An integrated group provides better products and services. That is exactly the rationale...